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Affordable call services for small businesses.

Magellan Solutions offers small and medium businesses its high-quality business answering services now made more affordable than ever. The answering service industry has been rising steadily around the globe because of the strong demand to provide 24/7 support to customers.

According to Fred Chua, chief executive officer of Magellan Solutions, businesses have long been intimidated by their notions of an inbound call center as expensive. "A full-time staff answering phone calls will cost you over $1,500 per month. This does not include your standard employee benefits such as health insurance, paid vacation and sick leaves. Magellan Solutions makes telephone answering services reasonably priced for businesses through flexible call plans, which start from as low as $130 per month. Best of all, Magellan won’t charge you extra for overtime, sick or holiday leaves.”

Magellan’s call plans, according to Chua, are customizable to the needs of each client. Business customers do not have to worry about additional charges as call packages remain cost-efficient. All service plans include productivity and call log reports, weekly one-hour syncing, four-hour product specific training, and a simply entry form.

While call centers only think about their bottom-line profits, Magellan Solutions ensures clients that they get the best business answering service possible. “With Magellan Solutions’ telephone answering services, you get well-mannered and professional agents, all industry-trained to handle different types of calls for different types of industries. Best of all, they are available for your customers 24/7/365,” Chua said.

Service packages are also offered to order taking services, and call reservations like hotel reservations and booking requests.[/url]

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