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Introducing Philippines, First Residential Eden in Real Estate with 0 comments on Fri Sep 02, 2011 7:14 am
Imagine waking up amidst lush greenery and dense foliage with the soft grass tickling your toes, and the invigorating sound of waterfalls.

Picture yourself in a home enveloped by verdant gardens and pools that celebrate the beauty of a tropical rainforest, and afford you with the ease of being a few steps away from everything that you love in the city; the cafes, nightlife scene, cinemas and upscale boutiques. And whenever you need to take a refreshing dip, get a massage, or work out and sweat in the gym, four floors of exclusive country club amenities await.

The latest multitower development of leading real estate philippines developer Century Properties, Acqua will rise in Mandaluyong City, on a 2.4 hectare property located right across Rockwell and accessible via a new bridge.

Acqua the Italian word for water, is the project's main inspiration. The project states water as the bringer of life and the basis of all creation. "Giving birth to a perfect state of bliss, a paradise, and Eden, abundant-lush well watered throughout.

With water as its guiding principle, Century and its masterplanner, the award-winning Broadway Malyan, conceived a breathtaking six-tower masterpiece, with building facades that resemble pixelated water streaming down to the lush rainforest-landscaped gardens below.

At the center of this oasis-like environment is The Pebble, Acqua's Country Club by the Water with resembles a gleaming, white and modern interpretation of a smooth river stone. A large cut out in the front provides an almost window-like vista and 3 iconic waterfalls that seemingly flow into the mighty river.

The waterfall concept of movement also resonates within Acqua through a wide array of both indoor and outdoor facilities. Within the Pebble is a state of the art total health, wellness, and fitness center, a 25-meter glass lap pool, a lagoon pool, a basketball court and juice bar. The walking trails, pocket gardens across varying levels on all buildings and the rooftop parks complete with rock formations, treetop canopy, and ponds make a resident's journey from his unity to any point in the entire development an instant adventure.

Acqua will open a public space called The Riverwalk Promenade. It is a 10-meter wide and 300-meter long boardwalk that will showcase concept stores, shops, cafes and dining establishments.

A water shuttle will also be provided which will be exclusive for the use of residents for crossing the river from Makati, and to give a breathtaking sense of arrival into the development. This completes lifestyle that was aim to provide to the residents, elevating them to a state of bliss and making them feel nurtured and refreshed, without ever having to leave the city.

With the Pasig River rehabilitation efforts in full swing, Acqua will be the first residential development to showcase how the riverside environs will be revitalized in the coming years. The developer aims to contribute to the gentrification of an old industrial area in to a bustling center of activity, as well as help realize the grand vision for the rebirth of the Pasig River and fill it with riverside attractions.
Telephone answering services for all in Real Estate with 0 comments on Fri May 13, 2011 2:44 am
There is a common rap among businesses that telephone answering services are for doctors, dentists or anyone who runs a small clinic. You call the office for an appointment and surprisingly, a call center agent sets a schedule for you. No need to wait for the next day to arrange the time and date.

The truth is, any company from any industry – real estate, education, technology, pharmaceuticals, insurance, and many more – can take advantage of a business answering service. This is an inbound call center service that offers a unique business proposition for any sized organization.
Outsourcing your help desk call center to PH. in Call Center Industry with 0 comments on Wed Mar 30, 2011 6:34 am
The company has been receiving inquiries from businesses wanting to outsource their help desk call center to the Philippines. This is a positive indication that Philippines-based call centers are capable of handling world-class technical support.

These days, business owners can choose from a wide range of call center vendors both on-shore and offshore. Each provider has its much-vaunted expertise, resources, and experience with attractive call packages to boost. This now leaves them with many options to consider and questions begging for straightforward answers. Outsourcing a service, requiring technical expertise from contact centers, can be quite a complex process.

Whether you are considering outsourcing for the first time, or have had experience working with a technical support call center, here are a few important guidelines to remember in choosing the right provider:

1. Know what services you need before meeting with the vendor. Each call center has its own expertise, infrastructure and technology. It may have had experience on a different help desk support in the past. By knowing the vendor’s major strengths, you can get a good deal if you let them handle several services.

2. Know the expected number of calls. Your business will most likely have a good idea on the number of calls being received by your technical support agents. Your decision should lean on a help desk support that is properly equipped for a high call volume at certain times of the day, week, month, or season.

3. There should be system compatibility. If your company has in-house software program, ask your call center if it is compatible with its help desk service systems so you can quickly exchange data and other important files.

4. Go for a specialized provider. Remember that not all help desk call centers are the same. Some specialize in a wide range of services while there are a select few that can focus on one area. Consider talking to a specialized provider if you have one service.

It does help any business owner to ask around, talking to vendors offering this service. It is actually a learning experience understanding how these call centers work. More importantly, consider those whose proposition is not limited to very attractive costs but those who have true commitment to service excellence and long-term client–vendor partnership.
Affordable call services for small businesses. in Real Estate with 0 comments on Fri Mar 11, 2011 6:54 am
Magellan Solutions offers small and medium businesses its high-quality business answering services now made more affordable than ever. The answering service industry has been rising steadily around the globe because of the strong demand to provide 24/7 support to customers.

According to Fred Chua, chief executive officer of Magellan Solutions, businesses have long been intimidated by their notions of an inbound call center as expensive. "A full-time staff answering phone calls will cost you over $1,500 per month. This does not include your standard employee benefits such as health insurance, paid vacation and sick leaves. Magellan Solutions makes telephone answering services reasonably priced for businesses through flexible call plans, which start from as low as $130 per month. Best of all, Magellan won’t charge you extra for overtime, sick or holiday leaves.”

Magellan’s call plans, according to Chua, are customizable to the needs of each client. Business customers do not have to worry about additional charges as call packages remain cost-efficient. All service plans include productivity and call log reports, weekly one-hour syncing, four-hour product specific training, and a simply entry form.

While call centers only think about their bottom-line profits, Magellan Solutions ensures clients that they get the best business answering service possible. “With Magellan Solutions’ telephone answering services, you get well-mannered and professional agents, all industry-trained to handle different types of calls for different types of industries. Best of all, they are available for your customers 24/7/365,” Chua said.

Service packages are also offered to order taking services, and call reservations like hotel reservations and booking requests.[/url]
Philippines is no. 1 in call center services. in Real Estate with 0 comments on Fri Dec 17, 2010 7:55 am
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