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3D Plasma TV- Experience ‘Reality’ TV at its Best!

First there was TV and then came TVs followed by LCD and LED; now, the newest entry in the field of TVS is the 3D Plasma TV and it has already taken viewers by storm if one goes by current sales! The present TV battle is being fought out between the two main giants vis-ŕ-vis, the LCD TV and the 3D TV. Although, a cursory look may show that both technologies showcase the 3D effect in similar ways, closer inspection reveals the differences in the way both display images and in their process of doing so.

One of the main areas where 3D Plasma TVs score is in their processing speed which is higher than that of LCD TV. Plasma TVs never had any hassles with motion images or side to side jerking as the images never got blurred. In 3D, the problem in normal TVs may therefore get manifold but it never becomes an issue in plasma TVs. The depth perception in plasma TV with 3D is also better as the pixels of the plasma TV allow for improved picture depth. The color accuracy and rendition is also far superior in 3D plasma TVs.

3D Plasma TV will allow you to experience larger-than –life images and you can even turn your favorite TV programs into 3D for the ultimate in reality TV viewing!

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This sounds like something that I would buy if I had the money, but alas I do not. It would be really cool in my living room. It would also be cool connected to my computer. I, however, will likely wait until the tech is more affordable. It would be great to game on too, though. Hmmm... maybe Christmas.
pauline123 on Fri Jul 20, 2012 6:54 pm

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