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I believe i can see the future, as i see the world passing by, as day and night pass by beings merely linger in their futility, they follow the same routine. I can see my existence as but a pawn with no players just waiting for someone or something to break the cycle. What is it that drives us to survive, to live this figment of out imagination we call “Life” what is the purpose of our existence.

Drilled from our childhood is the notion of making it big, to be “The Dream” , who’s dream are we talking about here? Certainly not mine, we as a race have been obsessed with procurement of power and the attainment of the riches beyond our wildest dream, what is true power if not but a whisper in our subconscious , it is but a word which seems to have a diverse affect if not effect on the species or divine race of bi pedal’s we call Human Beings. Nations or should i say infestations of our species have committed genocide all in the notion of dominating your own species. Divided buy any characteristic , diverse feature of a being and a never ceasing ambition of power has remarkably turned human futility to purpose or better yet Destiny . I use to have a purpose , but then again, it might just have a been a dream .

Is this really the purpose of mankind this species we called gifted ???

I believe i had a voice , i believe so did u , but now i don’t make a sound but then again ….

We all are but deaf, mute or blind perennially or semi perennially, acts of indulgence in the oder of vanity of the soul are but figments of an order long lost to self deceit. The following of a global agenda is but a realization of ones manufactured sanity which was fabricated in this time or the next to give this race a warped sense of purpose we also know as life.

Gone are the days when this race actually retained the symbols of the seed of civilization when we did believe in our purpose were to serve the gods, a warped notion yet again but a notion none the less, counter parted to the ideals of out civilization is nothing but survival or Better yet out “EXISTENCE”..


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