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shiva trilogy by amish triphati review

Here's the shivalogy trailor
Lord Shiva, or the Mahadev, the protagonist in Shiva Trilogy (author-Amish Tripathi) has taken over the position of role model of every youth who has read the trilogy. In the trilogy, Shiva is portrayed as a human being (notGOD), his contributions to the ancient India, confrontation against the evil, has been showed to be great, which made him a god.

Shiva trilogy- Immortals of Meluha, The secret of the Nagas, The oath of the Vayuputras, is a story of an uncouth barbarian who went from being the chief of his tribe- the Gunas to the most revered person in India- the Mahadev- or god of gods. Shiva, a ferocious warrior, a consummate dancer, a charismatic leader, an ardent lover of his wife-Sati , has become an inspiration for the readers. Trust me, I am a big fan of Shiva now, I believe in him, as a god, as a friend, as a Mahadev.

Shiva trilogy is a lot different from the mythology we see on TV channels, it has a scientific explanation for everything, that’s the best thing I love about it. It explains how the Somras, drink of gods works for a human body and dramatically delays the aging process. Even in the ancient India, there were beautiful architectures in cities; efficient defense systems for armies were engineered from very simple ideas, simple and perfect. Smart use of weapons and ingenious battle strategies leaves you awestruck.

Issues like cast discrimination and gender discrimination which exist today have also been enlightened on. Immortals of Meluha shows how Vikrama people or the Untouchables in Meluha are treated and Nagas considered being evil in the society.

All 3 books are gripping and spell bounding, while I was reading, I could not just wait to flip a page, there so many twists and turns, revelation of mysteries and secrets.Description of the characters and their emotions are so well written that you actually get the feel of story as if it’s happening around you in real, reading the intricate details of scene makes you feel that everything has materialized in front of you.

So, MAHADEV, means god of gods. In the book Immortals of Meluha, before the war against Chandravanshis, Shiva, the leader of Suryavanshis says that his army is full of Mahadevs. Here’s for you the exact lines from the Neelkanth:

“Suryavanshis!, Who is a Mahadev?Does he sit on a sad height and look on idly while ordinary men do what should be his job? No! Does he just lazily bestow his blessings while others fight for the good? Does he stand by nonchalantly and count the dead while the living sacrifice themselves to destroy evil?No!A man becomes a Mahadev only when he fights for good. A Mahadev is not born from his mother’s womb. He is forged in the heat of battle, when he wages a war to destroy evil!I am a Mahadev!But I am not the only one!I am not the only one! For I see a hundred thousand Mahadevs in front of me! I see a hundred thousand men willing to fight on the side of good! I see a hundred thousand men willing to battle evil! I see a hundred thousand men capable of destroying evil! Har Har Mahadev!! every person is a Mahadev. Har Ek Hal Mahadev!”

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