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Use these tips a month .... and get slim Body

Sometimes it happens that objects of our choice - the same is charted, but we can not achieve. Some of our negligence and indifference and lack of information, these two things together that prevents the person from fulfilling his wish. Office, is everyone's desire to get money and reputation.

But with all this beautiful and fascinating body to get healthy and then what to say. Beautiful, healthy and slim body is all aspire to.

The happiest person to get to see the beauty, the happiness to achieve it is to show the beautiful.

It fits quite slim - Fat body health and beauty are both up over 24 carat ....

1. Morning woke up at sunrise every day, drink 1-2 glasses of warm water and walk a while.

2. Include at least one lemon to your daily diet.

3. Daily morning or evening hours at least 2-3 km But be sure to move around with walking speed.

4. Just sprouted grain breakfast - moong, chana, soy .. Etc. Take the same.

5. Fast food, fried, high fat and keeping the stale food in the refrigerator be safe with all possible.

6. Sleep during the day leave as possible.

7. After the evening meal the night before 8 PM.

8. Tea, coffee and drink at least possible to Koldrinks.

9. Never go to sleep immediately after eating.

10. Throughout the day, some eat more than three or four times, two snacks and two meals should be the maximum number and the last.

11. Ambrosia herbal powder triphala every night must use.

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Some of the suggestions are very funny as written. Translator was having an off moment.
standready on Mon Aug 15, 2011 10:09 pm
Eating less and more times a day does help when dieting. It makes you feel less deprived if you are used to eating alot. Drinking water before meals does help to make you fell fuller and feel like eating less.

My worst eating habit is eating at night and in bed. Aughhhhh!! Smile I nedd to quit that and stop eating entirely at about 7:00 pm until I get up in the morning. Will save many calories!!

Why the one lemon in diet per day??
How is that important?

I have cut pop from my diet. It's been two weeks. That is a huge accomplishment for me. It's like an alcoholic quitting alcohol. I am addicted and will always have to fight the urge. But I have decided I would rather be healthy and weigh less than to have a sugary drink control me!
desertmoonbookemporium on Thu Aug 18, 2011 4:20 am

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