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Maybe I should write something new...

In the last few months, my love for writing was rekindled by an idea I had for writing fan stories for people who wanted them. They would be really short stories which I would write for anyone who made a simple request, and either had everything or absolutely nothing to do with them. I stopped, due to apathy, and now realize that I've hit another road block. I'm trying to make a name for myself as a writer, which I've done successfully in a few small places. I didn't enter the writing contest due to the fact that I hold little interest in the Harry Potter series. In my opinion, J. K. Rowlings is over sensationalized and just got very lucky. Don't get me wrong, though. I'm not saying she's a bad writer. She's certainly more talented than many of the other idiots with no bit of talent, a keyboard, and raving fans.

I'm not posting, though, to make fun of writers. I have a different predicament. For the last few magical months, I found the flame again, which let me write a story which is told thusly: A character, created by the writer, is narrating events in his life; the writer is a character I created, and features cameos in his own story; I am writing the story in this physical plane, so two different dimensions can enjoy it. What's the issue, then? For an even shorter time, I wrote the aforementioned short fan stories, which have made my mind wander into different areas. As much as I want to finish my unnamed project, I can't focus on it, and I want to write other things. Not only that, but now that my mind is in completely lost mode, I can't finish any short story I begin to write. So, I'm basically in a state of creating and destroying stories repeatedly while not being able to focus on the ones I already have planned out. This has resulted on giving me a new philosophy on life, but that's a subject for a different time.

So, here's the result so far: several unfinished stories, one big novel length story that isn't even halfway finished, and more people wanting more stories. The continuing problem is that I'm so unfocused and apathetic, even, that I'm writing a blog post about it instead of writing a story. I dunno, maybe this is just a way to get people to think the way I do, if anything else.

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