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She’s beautiful, talented, and her family makes quite a bit of money. Enough cash to easily flaunt around, only for the sole sake of being flashy. We met weeks before we started dating, until I finally got up the courage to ask her out, over the phone. She was shocked! After so much silence, she finally said yes. Of course, there was much jubilation.

There was something really special that she once told me. It was while I was lying on the couch in her basement, with her on top of me. She told me that she’d seen me walk by her before, and that she wanted to talk to me so badly. It was so amazing how a Goddess like her could bless this wretch straight to a full saint. I was elated beyond measure, so much that I didn’t even realize that my balls were being crushed between my thighs and under her hips. Once I stood, my testis felt pain worse than I had ever felt. However, just for her, any grief this vagabond faced was well endured.

For the past few days, she has been in California, recording music with her uncle. No matter how insecure she was, I could easily tell you that she is not only a skilled guitarist, but also a magnificent vocalist. She sings on par with angels, the harp replaced with an electric Les Paul, as to fit her rebellious style.

She hasn’t called, though. My imaginative mind concocted many assorted ways that she may have been killed, injured, and other tragedies of the like. Because of this, I have become quite the wreck. I won’t leave my room, or the sanctity of the computer screen. I’ve been talking to my best friend about it, who knows, first hand, how hard it is to have a lover so distant from your bedside. What am I going to do without her? How will my life go without her tender embrace, her tantalizing, sensitive kisses, or that way she likes to lick on my lips when we make out?

My phone just started ringing.

I dart across my house, my hopes and dreams bursting forth, easily subsiding the malevolence of my rather depressing mindset. Now, hold on a second… It may just be anyone giving me a casual call…


“Hey.” My Goddess! She’s alive, my exhausted, torn apart voice attempting to keep itself together, my loneliness falling victim to her company!

“Hey honey! I’ve been miserable without you!”

“See, well, here’s the thing. It’s not really working out between us.”


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