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No 4th Wall is back? When did this happen!?

Apparently, one hell of a webcomic called No 4th Wall To Break returned in July. And I found out just this morning, in September. What fun!

No 4th Wall started in May of 2002, where the comics were literally made on scanned post-it notes. After time and technology pressed forward, creator, Chris Whetstone, finally made some more professional looking comics, which is always a plus. The problem, though, was that he was constantly bombarded with schoolwork, so he never had time to update. After some much deserved fame, and becoming one of the featured comics on Dayfree Press, updates became few and far between, until it eventually officially called a hiatus.

In July, however, the site was no longer hosted by one of Whetstone's friends, Ashton Cummings. He decided to move it to WordPress, which seems to be all the rage right now. When the comic came back, it had a brand spanking new art style, with more curves than it's former self. All the classic characters are there, Otto, Matchstick, Malafax, with the exception of everyone's favorite Norse god, Odin, who left in an earlier strip. You are truly missed, Odin.

The comic has it's classic sense of humor back, with a new, polished up style, so I'm definetly giving a reccommendation to No 4th Wall To Break! Check it out, today!

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Actually, I switched hosts from Ashton to; WordPress is just the blogging system that I use to host and display the comics!

Thanks for the shout-out, it's really great to be back. I'm glad people are finding out!

--Chris Whetstone
Blurry on Wed Sep 19, 2007 8:01 am
You've just gone and made me waste SO MUCH TIME reading that comic. I started from the beginning and read up to comic 70. I tried to stop at number 30 but evidently forgot that. Yeah it's one good comic - I've bookmarked it. Cool

And by the sound of it Blurry is actually the creator of this site? That's pretty cool. Smile
ninjakannon on Wed Sep 19, 2007 6:08 pm
Hey, how to create a new blog entry Smile ?
InsanePL on Thu Sep 20, 2007 12:15 am
Should be at the top of your blog index ->
mathiaus on Thu Sep 20, 2007 1:02 am
@ninjakannon: Yes, I am the writer/artist/creator/whatever of No 4th Wall to Break! I compulsively follow my referral links, so that's how I found this. Glad you enjoyed it!
Blurry on Fri Sep 21, 2007 2:58 am

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