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My journey with Ubuntu part 1

First of all, I have to say I am not an expert user in linux, but i consider myself to have enough knowledge to do most of the stuff. Since the last year I had a disc with a non functioning installation of Linux Mint. Why was it broken, you may ask? Well, It was because i tried to install the grub over the windows bootloader, efectively breaking both. I managed to repair windows' one, but after that I didn't have enogh energy to continue with Linux.

So early this week I decided it was time to clean under the bed, so I decided to install Ubuntu and leave it working. How wrong was I. Installing Ubuntu is stupidly easy, so I decided to install the propietary drivers of NVIDIA so I could use CUDA programming.

This is when I knew it was not going to be as easy as I thought. I tried to use the Software and Updates which can be located under System configuration. After that, in aditional drivers it listed some NVIDIA drivers, but after clicking in one and applying changes, it didn't work. And I began to wonder why. I started the program as super user using:
sudo software-properties-gtk

I tried again and in the terminal you can see what is actually happening. It seems that some weird dependency couldn't be fullfilled. I moved heaven and earth trying to fix it, whereas without any luck. I also tried installing the driver on my own, but weird errors keep happening, sometimes related to some thing called nouveau. After some thinking, I realized that during the installation I marked the option for installing external drivers and it was then when it installed nouveau, the open driver for NVIDIA. I tried to remove this package, without any luck, so I decided to reinstall Ubuntu without marking this option.

It worked like a breeze. After the install, I selected NVIDIA 340 and it applied correctly, after that I applied the driver I wanted,375. I found that way to work the best.

As a final note, if you follow my instruction, dont forget to run:
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

if you want to have audio and video decoders.

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