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Kekkai Sensen Opinion

This will only be an opinion about the show, because i have no much time for it, neither the energy.

As always, here is the link of its my page in MyAnimeList.

My general impression about Kekkai Sensen is that it is cool, lots of different powers, abilities, tons of characters, etc. which makes the show very enjoyable and that leaves you with the necessity for more. I really liked how the main character is displayed, because he is not the typical main character, he is somehow remarkable. His power makes the trick, allowing you to remember him along with the rest of characters, who usually are more charismatic than him.

The only problem i found with the show is that is very rushed, from my point of view. Lots of things are happening are the same time or in a short amount of time, but they don't stop after it to explain more or less something that just happenned. Instead, they make you think about it, which I usually enjoy. However, in this concrete case, they skip too much, and at the end you are left still trying to tie up loose ends.

This bring us to my final "complaint", I didn't understand the end. Well, to be fair, I understood parts of it, but end up feeling that I was missing something, and that's the main reason for its low mark, a 7/10.

Despite the fact of being a very enjoyable series, I really need a good story or, at least, a story good enough to "feel" the anime.

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Few points to be a new anime, are you very demanding or really bad anime? ♪
hitose on Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:37 pm
I am a bit demanding Cool, but it's not a bad anime, it's just less than it could be if executed better. I still have ranked it 7/10 if i recall correctly
restonpiston on Sat Jan 21, 2017 2:28 pm

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