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Guilty Crown Review/Rant

TL;DR It's a beautiful anime with a very thrilling soundtrack, but with a plot as bad as the main character, i don't recommend it.

Note: I am still trying to improve my english so any feedback is appreciated.

Warning!: There will be spoilers, watch are you own risk.

To begin with, take a look at the MAL summary here. The premise is interesting, a post war Japan controlled by the UN to prevent the spreading of an unknown virus. A bit clich้ but that is common in anime so it's not a bad thing itself. At the beginning of the show, they present us the main character, a teenager called Shuu which is the key of how bad this show is.

Shuu is introduced to us like the typical teenager, whereas he is not typical in anyway, or that is what the creators want us to think. I would define him as the always-depressed and always-failing anime character, but pushed to the limit. Not only he will make everything that you expect him to do wrong, but also will flee in the most important moment for no reason that is explained to us. I really hated him at the end of the series. He fell in love extremely fast with the female protagonist which name is Inori, and, as expected, he failed in numerous occasions the chances that she likes him back, from his point of view, and that makes him more depressed.

The bad main character is not the only problem in Guilty Crown, as i will highlight now. The show uses repeatedly a plot trick called Deus ex Machina and when you start to notice it, you won't be able to unsee it again. Let's start with the mysterious past of Shuu. During the beginning of the show, our beloved main character was suffering from strange flashbacks which he and us cannot understand. Later on in the show we discover that there were memories of an important event in the past and which involved his best friend and his older sister.The former was badly injured and the latter died. The funny part is that his best friend is his boss in this moment and Inori (female main character) is like a bad copy of his sister. Why didn't he realise before of that? I will tell you, because it had to happen, there is no other reason. You could reason that the trauma of losing his sister and his best friend would affect him, but to an extent that Shuu doesn't recognise him when they collaborate for a generous amount of time? I refuse to think that.

Changing point of view, let's talk about the good parts of the anime. Arguably the best part is the music, which i agree, but not entirely. I loved the soundtrack, but i realized that is not as good as i expected to be. One way or the other, it's quite good from a objective point of view. The other good part i have appreciated is the art. The show is very well polished and done, but it wasn't as good i expected. Other shows like Fate/Zero shows a far better art in my opinion but this and the music parts are truly subjective.

I ended up marking Guilty Crown with a 7/10 only because of the music and the art, not for more.

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