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not strong enough?

I mentioned earlier that I was once a strong atheist, the question is, how strong? right?

Strong atheism has nothing to do with how hard-headed you are or how brutal you dice up theist arguments, strong atheism is just simply being positive that there really are no deities that exist, that you do not give any ground whatsover for any chances that deities exists. For me, it is the truest and non-hypocrital form or branch of atheism, and it is also the direct opposite of being a true believer.

A weak atheist will say that there is not enough evidence for God's existence. A strong atheist would say that there are NO evidence of any kind.

That being said, it's either there is God, or not. And if I am a strong atheist the only way out from it is to be a true believer. Yes, that's incorrect, but that's my personal view.

What made me an atheist? well, rooted from misotheism. The more I learned the desire of God the more I hated Him, the picture became clearer and clearer each day that God wanted too much of me, I could have become a famous rockstar, become a famous artist, or manage to have a high position in politics, or could have earned my 1st million as a businessman in my 20's, but the more I followed God closer the more my potential, my "could be's" were obliterated. Until such a time that I became fed up, I started to hate God, all my colleagues have reached their destinations, and I was left far behind. I cannot describe the anger that I once had.

This was the time I looked for answers to fan my anger into flame, I went to a lot of religious forums, debated with christians, collaborated with atheists, and so, the more knowledge I gained, these anger turned into disbelief. I finally decided to walk as an atheist, I realized that I am losing a lot loving or hating God. My atheist days are what I would say the peak of my life, I was always winning in every turn, I was free and was always excited about what life can offer.... [to be continued]

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It sounds a lot to me that your "hard atheism" wasn't really atheism at all... from your description, it sounds like you still believed, you just hated what you believed. Of course, you've only given part of your story (it kinda looks like you're splitting your post up in order to score more forum points...), so my comment is based on partial information and could well be incorrect. There was certainly rejection there, but it sounds more like the rejection of God's worthiness of worship than its existence.

I suppose we'll see more when you post more Razz
Ankhanu on Tue Dec 03, 2013 5:33 pm
A weak atheist will say that there is not enough evidence for God's existence.
I say that I have seen no evidence to draw me towards any belief in gods, so while that remains to be the case I do not believe in such things.

Absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence so with that in mind I do not assert there are no gods. My position is reasoned, requires no faith either way, and remains atheist.
You can add an extra label of strong/weak/firm/soft/whatever, but by not believing in gods I remain atheist.
I reach conclusions or adopt positions in life based on evidence of all kinds (anecdotal/personal experience and/or scientific/empirical/etc) and right now there is nothing to draw me towards believing in gods, aside from the unverifiable assertions of others.

There is a complete lack of (what I consider) 'evidence' to support claims of gods, but that lack of any supporting evidence would not in itself absolutely confirm any assertion I could ever possibly make that I know there are I don't make that assertion, or have any 'faith' that there are none.
Theists (of many different conflicting and opposing flavours) make their claims, I check these claims for myself and if there is nothing to convince me that their claims stand up then I will not share their belief. There is no requirement for me to 'believe' they are wrong, just simply dismiss them until such time they have something more convincing to bring to the table.

Weak/soft, or agnostic atheist? Why should I care about such a sub-group/category?
I do not believe in gods due to the lack of evidence to support such claims. The primary descriptive word for me is therefore atheist, and shall remain so until or unless any evidence crosses my path which I can clearly see supports such claims.
watersoul on Tue Dec 03, 2013 8:37 pm
Great to see you posting in your blog redhakaw. At least it provides more insights to why you're so good with debating in the Phil&Rel Forum. You haven't arrived at where you are without deep introspection, and plenty of exposure to different points of view in a variety of Forums. Has to be a passionate interest with you? Am looking forward to more blog posts. Cool
deanhills on Tue Dec 03, 2013 11:15 pm
it provides more insights to why you're so good with debating in the Phil&Rel Forum
Ooh, what did I miss?!
I enjoy reading (and attempting my own contributions) to reasoned debate Smile
watersoul on Wed Dec 04, 2013 12:23 am

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