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This is my first blog so I really do not know the techniques to create a great blog except from what I heard that it should be something that interests me and something about me. So, what else should I bring forth other than my experience and enjoyment of my christian life.

But before I start, let me say something about who I am. I am a Filipino, born in Manila. I am in my late 30's and I work as an I.T. professional. My nickname in Frihost is redhakaw, has nothing to do with this blog, just so happen that it was my nickname before, and since it is not allowed to have multiple accounts in frihost, I decided to continue using it. Red is my favourite color, and Hakaw is my favorite dimsum, that's all there is to it.

I am not much of a writer, so you might find some weaknesses in my english and writing, but I do believe that they are above average if not excellent, I am open for criticism just tell me where the mistakes are.

Now, to start, I would say that my first enjoyment in this blog is my "re-conversion" (as most of the guys in P&R would call it). I was a nominal christian like most christian who understands the basic christian belief, and then I became a strong atheist who was quite very vigilant and successful in arguing and convincing people to lose their faith. Today, I come to you all as a confessed christian who has seen a very good reason why I should believe in God.

I have 1 daughter, another 1 coming, I was recently layed-off from my job in the middle-east but by God's graces found a new job quickly in my home country, pay is not much, but above average. I have a lot of friends from different backgrounds, most of them atheists, I respect them and they respect me back. My wife loves me, my kid looks up to me, and my family serve God in the church.

Life is good. even if there are setbacks, it is still good.

This is my enjoyment today.


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I'm not surprised about the re-conversion. I read a survey before that there are more Filipinos converting back from non-faith to faith than the other way around. What I'm surprised is that most of your friends are atheists. I haven't met one personally. I feel like I'm the only one. May I know the reason of your converting back? I'd really love to see this evidence of God IF you really did see one.
loremar on Tue Oct 22, 2013 10:53 pm

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