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Too much time has passed since time begun. The traces, lost, seem to be blurred lines that walk into the horizon never to be seen again, and following them results in nothing. A fog gets over one's brain and crushes our thoughts with its nothingness, its distraction, its eternal limitation over the human mind. Time inside itself, inside the world, inside our plane, and the plane inside reality. We forget with time, and time is just there, an entity, a giant hound, eternal, sleeping, but so terrifying. It has no smell, but it's breath blows us away.

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A few days before Christmas I have been staying in a hotel with some nice quotes painted at the walls, one was about time. Found it here in the internet ( in German language ).

Time is strange. It comes from the future, which doesn't exist, into the present, which has no duration, and disappears in the past which stopped exisiting.

Many say time is just an illusion, including Albert Einstein.

The previous edition of bild der wissenschaft, my monthly science read, had 'Time' covered in its title story. Physicians refer to 'time' as the 4th dimension. Some think it might consists of particles - 'time atoms' ?
amagard on Fri Dec 30, 2016 10:25 am
I also think that time may not be able to be conceived by humans, since we are bound by our perception of it, while it could have many natures that we could maybe be able to understand but cannot see due to the limit of our senses.

We think that time is just time, the measure by which things pass. What if it were, as they said, a 4th dimension, like height and width? Could there be a lifeform that could perceive time differently? And I also love your quote. Indeed the present is nonexistent, it's the "now", but the now is just a tiny, tiny, tiny dot that when you look at it, it's not there anymore. And due to the time limit of our perception, the tiny delay, we can't even see the present, but a few milliseconds into the past.
ratanegra on Tue Jan 03, 2017 3:04 am

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