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Running from the police with two pillows

Dreamt someone called me in and then he was for me like the Joker to Batman. He weakened me with his tricks, something virtual? To attack me.

Dreamt I was planning what to do with my brother. Zeus the dog was on his bed and I was worried because he would fill it all with evidence that he was there and they would start to look for him after his hairs were found. Bro and I thought the same thing at the same moment. I got up and signaled like a spray, or he did something that reminded me of that, to look for the hairs later with ultraviolet light.

Then I started running away with two pillows. I don't know what I was planning to do with them. They were my pillows. One soft but stupid, the other one harder but more welcoming on both sides. I was met by the police in the crime scene, I think, and I started walking away as in nothing. For some reason, they followed me on foot, so I made the whole pursuit on foot. I walked down Los Naranjos, went into a shop like Farmatodo, lost most of them, then I went to other places, one was like near the Parque del Este in the autopista where Flamingo is. Also like the grassy place in Utopia where the autist fatty comes down looking for the dude that killed himself. Only it was a smaller grass field, como un triángulo entre dos calles.

Lastly I went into a restaurant, very big, artsy, some parts minimalist, and in a part, outside of the main eating area, there were women sitting in a show part like a bar counter, and women sitting in front of it, client side, with some tasty but very strange plates. Like little meat and beef things with olives in toothpicks (we eat them like that here in parties and such),and a narrating voice describing and inviting everyone to try the snacks the women had. I liked it but I didn't take anything and went out the exit door, and there, I saw there were many people. I had dropped my pillows inside and changed my shirt to a tightened black long-sleeved shirt. That's when I noticed that I probably lost them.

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such a vivid dream. My dreams are to scary to post.
standready on Tue Nov 01, 2016 3:08 pm

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