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Where is my eternal life?

I wish to see the sky in a century, and see it again every day for a millenium.

I want to climb all mountains, walk all valleys, learn all languages and then create some.

I want to write a thousand books and still have more to say.

But life is too short. And no one worries, since it's common sense: "you'll die, everyone knows that". And I do, too, but still I crave to kill death, my ultimate enemy, my torturer, my master.

I want to overthrow reality for a chance to see more than this incomplete fragment of time.

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I feel the same way but it has some downsides.
The planet would become over populated if we all had eternal life.
If we didn't all have eternal life, you would see the people you love grow old and die, over and over again.
A pretty lonely existance.

Not trying to be negative, just looking at both sides of the coin.

But nicely written either way
Marcuzzo on Sat Oct 22, 2016 2:46 pm
About overpopulation. I'm not saying give it to everyone Laughing. I'm not that generous anyway. If everyone had it, it would be overpopulated really quickly, yeah, but I could also do some genocide to lower the population to an acceptable level.

And to watch people grow old and die. I already do that. I had 4 uncles and aunts. Now I have 1. The rest have been dying away, and I didn't feel sad but for one of them (he was like a second father to me). The rest are nothing. I'm not one to create strong attachments. And besides, he died, I was sad for two weeks maybe. Now I'm up and running. If that kind of sadness is the sacrifice I must make for being immortal, I'd gladly take it. Anyway, I'd be unsensitized about it pretty quickly. All the people talking about oh how much suffering the immortal would experience were sensitive mortals.

edit: besides, if I took immortality, I'd do it with a safeguard to be able to kill myself. Wouldn't wanna get trapped forever in a coffin, or drifting forever through space after the earth explodes and there are no more humans.
ratanegra on Sat Oct 22, 2016 4:59 pm
Losing someone you love is always hard, if it's an uncle, aunt or grandparent it's different.
I still have my aunties and uncles but I've lost all of my grandparent, having the knowledge that they passed at age does put this in a different perspective.

I'm a father and lets say that I was given the gift of eternal life but my son wasn't. I couldn't watch my child grow old and die. No parent would want this.

Immagine going through this ordeal once, centuries go by, I meet another woman who gives birth to a fantastic daughter that ages at a normal rate while I remain young and see her getting older then me again and pass away before I do.

This is what I meant to say with 'over and over' because we are not madr to be alone, we're mere mortals to whom the fantasy of immortallity sounds appealing only when we can share it with our loved ones.

When I was a bit younger I thought about this a lot, "wouldn't it be grat if we stayed like this forever", mom, dad, my sister and I... Boy did things turn out differently, I get to see my sister and my nephew and nieces twice a year because they live 1000km away.

Back on topic (btw, i'm drunk now) a 'fail safety' would be nice but I would use it very early at the loss of the first child so immortallity wouldn't be one of my first wishes should I ever finf a lamp with a magic geeny.

We only live twice ( black humoristic reference to a bond movie) so make the best of it and live life, don't let life live you is all I can say about that, life is like a box of chocolates... (shameless Forrest gump reference, great movie btw)
Marcuzzo on Mon Oct 24, 2016 12:10 am
Life is so valuable because it is limited. Imagine you'd live forever, life would loose its value.
You would not get anything done each day, because you'd think: I can do this tomorrow or in a week, in a year or in thousand years.
amagard on Tue Oct 25, 2016 8:21 am
One also wouldn't need to have any children or the need to procreate, as one's going to live forever anyway.
deanhills on Tue Oct 25, 2016 7:46 pm

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