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Uphill downhill nothingness

Dreamt I was with a man in his car and we were going to some sort of institution, a club or something, and we entered the parking lot. It was very realistic, the trucks, people, the noise around, clouds up, grey asphalt. The car not so much. He told me he was going to solve a problem, maybe a threat they had made to him of overtaking the factory or something, so he was going to do it all with his car, and it was going to be very efficient. I was very interested in what he would block or not with his car to create such an effect that a whole factory would bend to his will. That was in a little black car. He parked it, we went out, got on another car, this one much more expensive looking, like a Mercedes or something, very sportif.

Then we started pulling back towards the entrance, and I was wondering why we were leaving so I asked him, and he said "se robaron el carrito" (the little car got stolen). I said "what? how did that happen?" and he said "un negrito se lo llevσ" (a young black guy took it away) and we told the lady in the entrance "our other car just got stolen!" and she immediately understood with surprise. Opening her eyes and mouth and nodding, she pointed us in the direction where the car went. We started chasing it and it was right there, we went after it but it was going very fast. We chased it for a time up the hill in a weaving road, zigzagging left and right in closed curves typical of the mountains, dark green plants around us, no other cars in sight.

Then we went into a highway, and the guy in our car started going crazy fast dodging cars. He told me "does he really think he can get away in that car?" (ours was very sportif and aerodinamic, and expensive, while the little car was... little and very normal). He stepped on the gas and we started going full speed, suddenly, we went past the little car and I looked back and saw it a hundred meters behind us. Then the pilot in my car stopped a bit, let the little car pass us and started again very fast, got to the right of the car and pulled left. The car went flying, since we were on a mountainous highway. I went to the edge of the highway to see the fall and I saw the guy falling (no car), and then he grabbed Britney Spears. I have no idea where she came from. He grabbed her and they grappled for a while, as if deciding who was falling first, or trying to get some balance or trying to step on the other to jump up. That didn't happen, though. They grappled, grabbed their necks and arms and chests and legs and then both fell into oblivion.

Then, as if I had been reading the story on a blog, I saw a text pop up to the left of the screen and it had a little poem, something along the lines of
Was she dead?

When she fell into nothingness, did she die? do we know it?

And the winds of sorrow shook the earth, and moonlight shone upon our grieves.

And the wolves howled.

And I so liked it that I was looking for an upvote button, a comment screen or something to show my appreciation about the poem, but there was no way to talk to the creator. That's where the dream ended.

<!-- and before all that, I had another part of a dream, maybe related -->

We were on a road, surrounded by buildings and nature, and we heard an announcement for everyone. We were all part of a club, and this was the dude in charge of the club speaking. "As you all may know we are going into a new decision period, so we will be taking decisions in favor our collaborators" [which, as you may know, would have been us, since we were shareholders]. He then started enumerating his collaborators while pointing at them. They were all the main economic powers of the town. We understood that they may have been the main donators to the club, but that did not mean that, when talking to us, he should belittle our collaboration and openly discredit our effort towards decision-making. Well, he kept on it, I was frustrated, but we could not complain because there was only one club in town, and even if they had bad policies we were stuck with it until we moved somewhere else (which was not a possibility in this dream, did not even think of moving).

As an after-dream reflection, we can notice that this is one of the great criticisms to monopolies. When there is only one company providing an essential service and there are no higher regulations, all sins and mistakes are forgiven by the fact that they are the only providers of the service. The lack of competition inhibits progress towards efficiency and respect. Don't let it happen, boys (looking particularly gravely towards U.S. phone/internet/cable service providers).

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Interesting dream. You and TheGremLyn should compare.
standready on Tue Oct 18, 2016 6:00 pm

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