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Tiny Witch

I dreamt I was a metamorphosing witch. I was trying to call for a meeting in a town, convincing them that it was worth it so that they'd come to hear me. I had to convince them that making a spell was the best path they could take toward a problem. It was a specific spell that I could make for them and I needed their participation for something. The event was going to happen, it evolved slowly and then we all met.

I found it very strange that they were calling me by my name (male) when I was clearly female, and I tried to convince someone to call me something else but I didn't know what to tell them to call me since I only have my male name.

There was another part where there was a food cart and there was something dirty, maybe with a cockroach, but the dude cooking was still gonna use the ingredient, so I went into the vending side and asked if I could help him, but my only goal was to somehow sterilize the work station. I think that's when I became a witch.

After all of that, I remember that I went into some kind of pilgrimage, that there was water on the ground and that I was on some big tiles in a vast kind of valley (artificial) with shiny tiles. When I was walking, I was completely determined. Whenever my mind wandered, I started to think "for the world, for the world, for the world", since what I was doing was for the world's sake. My journey was either walking or flying or simply moving fast across the tiles; not sure.

I can vaguely remember someone walking toward me to talk to me, but I don't remember anything further than that.

Thinking about it now, I probably looked down on people since I'm really tall, but as a witch I was tiny, so there's that inconsistency...

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