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I dreamt today

I dreamt today, just as I've dreamed a lot recently.

I was in a well-lit house where there were many tables, chairs and people sitting, as if it were a restaurant. I remember they were wooden with black and white ceramics. Very pretty, and the light was beautiful too. I was jumping from table to table, since I often dream that I fly or jump very high and for a long time in the air. And as I was jumping, I ended up in another room, where I saw through the balcony that outside was the Amazon forest. I felt right at home in South America, watching the trees, green in their glorious vastness. I stayed there for a moment, then went to the different room and saw another part of the Amazon forest through the window.

Someone came to talk to me, we argued for a bit about something and I finally told him that I was going to stay in the room and watch the Amazon forest. I sat there in front of the balcony and I saw that the trees were more far apart than in the other window. They were drier and more brown. I saw people walking on the street, very South American people. It felt very homely and welcoming. They walked with familiar gaits, in big groups, and talked to each other. They walked down the street and I saw their common clothes. T-shirts and blue jeans. I saw children running, and I felt that if any of them had done anything worrying, they would have been able to look into the building and see me looking at them, and if they had thought that they'd rather no one remembered their faces, I would have been in trouble. I even wondered what I would do if there were a shootout. I would lie there and hide behind the cement wall. But would it hold?

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