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Created on Fri Oct 04, 2013 11:41 pm with 25 blog posts
My life, my ideas and some short stories for the sake of the old days.

They're just the stars behind the sky in Writing Corner with 0 comments on Sun Apr 23, 2017 3:39 pm
If a thousand years ago you had asked me "is it worth it" I would not have known yes or no. The wonders of tyranny are exposed under this air. Here, death lurks in every corner, letting the eyes cry a bit, shine and dampen. Whereas so many have become soulless. With a little oppression, see how beautiful they become.
I totally forgot about Frihost in My life and concerns with 2 comments on Sun Mar 26, 2017 6:27 am
These last months I've been programming a lot, doing nodejs and Elixir, and I haven't had the chance to think about webdev at all, so I forgot about Frihost until I saw a bookmark on Chrome. I feel so guilty Sad Look, negative points again. It's like I can't keep any consistency in my mind, no discipline at all for anything. Embarassed
Time in Writing Corner with 2 comments on Thu Dec 29, 2016 7:01 am
Too much time has passed since time begun. The traces, lost, seem to be blurred lines that walk into the horizon never to be seen again, and following them results in nothing. A fog gets over one's brain and crushes our thoughts with its nothingness, its distraction, its eternal limitation over the human mind. Time inside itself, inside the world, inside our plane, and the plane inside reality. We forget with time, and time is just there, an entity, a giant hound, eternal, sleeping, but so terrifying. It has no smell, but it's breath blows us away.
On opinion in Philosophy with 0 comments on Sat Nov 26, 2016 7:47 pm
Opinions -> Judgement or valoration that a person forms about something or someone
         -> Form or concept by which something or someone is thought of

An opinion is the internal image one has of something. It should include what you know and (mainly) everything else regarding one's mental relationship with the object's concept.

signified -> signifier
          -> referent

Signified = one's opinion
Referent  = the thing
Signifier = The sign by which one refers to the referent and that people understand

The signifier is exclusive to communication! In all other contexts, one should therefore refer only to the signified and the referent.

Personal meaning -> judgement, valoration
                 -> Only if
                       - Things can be known
                       - We assume that the thinker actually knows the things about which he has an opinion
                       - We assume that the thinker's knowledge is absolute and correct
                         -> Then: we can exclude knowledge from the definition of opinion.

                    Otherwise, opinion should be constituted as:
                    opinion: {
                    We separate judgement and valoration as string and number, description and scale.
Torturer in Dreams with 0 comments on Tue Nov 22, 2016 12:09 pm
I dreamt I carried a notebook into a room, sat on a desk where on the other side there was a man, and standing beside him was a 21-year-old girl (at least that's how old she looked) who was going to torture him. I was supposed to write down a report about the procedure. Not abut the information the man leaked, since there was nothing like that. He had actually been tortured before and was a bit friendly. There was another girl behind me, who was younger. The man told a tiny account of the previous time he had been here, he said something along the lines of "aw man the last time I was here I was waiting for my payment on a job I had done, around three thousand bucks, but it was being delayed, so I was all stressed, having a shitty day, and then you guys had me go through torture". And the girl behind me said "aaawwww".

It's interesting how much empathy she showed right before submitting him to torture. It seems we left the door open while getting prepared and what seemed to be a journalist found his way in, took a picture of the woman grabbing the man, including some evidence in the shot, and ran away. They looked mad and they looked at me as if they expected something. I understood that they wanted me to follow the man, then one said "take his SD card away!" and I ran after him in the hallway and through a door, and behind the door was an underground parking lot. I kept going after him when he ran into a group of two or more very suspicious youngsters with an air of gangsters about them. I tried to see whether he was moving away but it seemed as if he belonged in the group. I decided to come back.

As I was trying to walk back into the room, it seems I lost my way and found myself at home or something, and I was somewhat desperate to come back, since I still had to oversee the torture session. I remembered that the last time I had gone it was through GPS, so I picked up something where I had written down the address to the locale and touched it with my finger. I disappeared and appeared where I intended inside the building, but I noticed that it was time for them to be asleep, so I went to the bedroom, and since I was in a hurried mood, I didn't notice I was being noisy, and I entered the room in that fashion and woke them up. I was a bit worried that I woke them up but I didn't mind much. I was probably going to sleep there too.
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