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5 Best Flashlight Apps Ever

5 Best Flashlight Apps Ever
We have downloaded 50 different flashlight apps, and compared their functions, power consumption, score, usability, etc. Among them we’ve chosen the 5 best LED Flashlight Apps which we would like to present in here.

1. Super Bright Flashlight Score: 4.6 Size: varies with device
Download link:

Currently 7.36 million people use this flashlight APP. It turns the lights on and off as if it was a real flashlight, supports a strobe/blinking mode, can be used to give signals to your friends.

2. Flashlight - Brightest&Free Score: 5.0 Size: 4.4M
Download link:
As you open this software your device instantly turns into a bright flashlight, which makes full use of LED lights.It supports strobe/blinking mode, and you can use it to signal to your favorite singers such as Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift, Madonna while listening to their concerts! This is the best flashlight APP ever. Many users consider it as the ultimate flashlight.

3. Flashlight - LED & Screen Flashlight Score: 4.6

Download link:

This App supports a variety of functions. It has 2 light sources: the camera's LED photoflash, the screen light. It supports three lighting modes: Constant Light, Flickering and SOS mode. You can adjust the brightness level, and there is a power button that will quickly turn off the flashlight. If you are interested in an APP full of great features, you can’t go wrong with this one.

4. Flashlight GALAXY Score: 4.8 Size: 3M
Download link:
We have great news for those who use Samsung Galaxy mobile phone! This is a Flashlight App that is specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy series. It supports a variety of features and it’s very bright. The most important is that it saves energy, doesn’t steal traffic, practical and pleasing to the eye, and it doesn’t occupy much space. This App is definitely worthy of your attention.

5. Flashlight - Tiny Flashlight Ⓡ Score: 4.4 Size: 1.4M

Download link:

Developed by professionals, it has 4157722 registered users and occupies only 1.4M of your phone’s memory. This software supports signal lights, color lights, photoflash, Morse code, Morse text, manual Morse code, camera lights. This App is the best choice for people who love to play with lights.

Mobile phone flashlight is designed to make your life easier. In case a sudden power outage happened, and you don’t have a candle at hand, this Android flashlight can be a life saver. It can illuminate your whole house, and it can also be used to find those small objects that fell into a dark corner. Flashlight APP is very practical, and is essential for every mobile phone.

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I've always used the built-in flash light app in the pull down bar.
And if my phone is locked I can draw a V on my screen to activate it (1+3)
Marcuzzo on Sun Oct 09, 2016 2:33 pm

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