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Tragic Last Resort

"In 2006, eighty Southall women threw themselves in front of trains.

The most publicized case was that of a young woman who took her two children to the Southall station, telling staff she was going to show them the "fast trains." Instead, she used one to kill them all.

"Asian women's suicide is linked to abuse within their families," the advocacy group Southall Black Sisters says bluntly.

U.K.-based Indian journalist Sanjay Suri writes that victims are often well-educated women from India who were married off to men living in Britain who don't have the same professional backgrounds.

Suri explains that when brides arrive in Britain, they "are trapped into domestic slavery, suffering abuse with no one to help them." He says "a death makes no difference," it just paves the way for more dowry for the family with the next marriage."


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Its really sad that such a high number of people feel the need to kill themselves in such brutal ways. And, in full view of other people. The case of the women who killed herself and her kids is just so sad. Their life was ended so soon, and they didn't get the chance to enjoy life.
Genesiz on Sun Jan 06, 2008 11:05 pm
I don't need to.

Simply because this is a blog. Which means, a web platform where the blog owner can post anything in whatever way he/she wants as long as it's not against the corresponding laws. As for what text I decide for this day's input, it's my choice regardless you like it or not; for this is not a forum. As long as I give the source, I can paste and repaste any part of the news I feel important without anyone telling me to "quote" or "unquote". For what all other uses is the news. Hosting points. Yeah.

Boring place enough.
prole on Tue Jan 08, 2008 4:27 pm

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