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When I fell in love

I tell the truth when I am drunk,
that it’s a rule when you are young,
to fall in love with everything and anything that is wrong,
in my life, that love was you,
I paid my broken heart as dues,
so now I stand, I understand, it was a thing I had to go through.

To learns to start and end the fight,
and to fall in love at the very sight,
it’s just the way it went, never though if it ever was wrong or right.
The chill you left burns like frost bite,
nobody taught me to take it light,
nobody told, you’ll leave a hole in my heart this wide.

You showed me thing as they stand,
not everything is in my hand,
that every dream of you, would drift away, like castle in the sand.
Lesson learnt for the troubles I’ve been through,
for what it’s worth its thanks to you,
Love is never strong, you move along, and someday I’ll forget you too.

I fell in love when I was young,
I fell for everything that’s wrong,
a tender heart, an unsunk soul, for you I was never really strong.
You were my test to be forever young,
I tell the truth when I am drunk,
as now I stand, I am a man, and you were the one that went wrong…
…when I fell in love when I was young.

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