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Illegal Aliens

Okay, so I was watching TBS the other day and there was a commercial for "Men in Black" which was going to be on later that night. Now, in that commercial, they were making a joke and making it sound like a political commercial and they kept referring to the aliens that the Men in Black are going to eliminate as "Illegal Aliens."

Now, that got me to thinking.

What happens when we have space travel and we are flying to other planets and hanging out with other humanoid species. What are we going to call them? If a Mexican or Canadian illegal comes into the US, we refer to them as an illegal alien. What are we going to call the people that illegally land on the earth from another planet? Are they going to be just plain old "Illegal Aliens" too?

And what about our space borders? How is that going to work? Are we going to control all space 300 miles outside of our atmosphere? What about the other planets in the solar system? Are they going to be territories of earth? Are we going to have a Space Border Patrol? What about a fence? They want to build a fence between the US and Mexico, but what about in space? Are we going to surround the earth with a large chain link ball?

These are the things I think about.

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I don't think it going to happen but if it does it will depend very much on how the aliens are. Aliens are in no way related to life on earth and is probably very different from the aliens in movies.
Peterssidan on Thu Jan 15, 2009 2:58 pm
Way to uh... kill my joke here. Thanks. This blog post just got boring.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

-Nick Confused Confused Confused
polly-gone on Fri Jan 16, 2009 9:07 pm

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