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Making A Social Network, My Story < - > Part 1

Sitting here lost for thing's to do, bored...

boredom is easily fixed buy i need an idea. Friend i met online tells me to create a huge new money making website like facebook, que the laugh. But - Is it really that hard???.

Money doesn't bother me, but i do like the idea. First of all i need to make myself a plan of action. Gonna do it the web designers way and made it on-line, html tags and all. First of all i need an audience well just to be cool im aiming at everyone so i need a fairly calm and blank theme.

A good plain theme is hard to come by so im going to make one, time for CSS...
moving on, i now need to open, notepad++ and photoshop and get designing. I like the idea of being able to find your friends so i need an are with profile picture etc, but also add as friend. Moving on i need to sort my layout, where everything needs to be, and how it will look to an independent user so i make a good index as that is where your audience is won or lost.

So i have my HTML/CSS sorted but this is where it gets time consuming, que the php. Registration and login are the most important as whats the point of having a profile if no one can access it. so its time for a little ("mysql_connect"), i now need to be able to add to my database, meaning i need to remember those annoying little SQL Query's. Example ("INSERT INTO users (name, password, email, age) VALUES ('$fullname','$password','$email','$age')");")

Next i need to redirect the user on login, meaning that i have to make a profile page, easy enough but this means more php and connecting to my database. Talk about time consuming.

finally sorted the profile page with a little bit of session_start(); magic. Next will be the friend search, fairly simple but that is for later on.

End of part one

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