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A life Traveling

A life Traveling

Every day that passes by I think about trying new places and meeting new people, finding the way to work on to different professions to gain new opportunities, but it’s completely the opposite of what in the world’ s today life we are sent to do. Most of the good people are seeking for emotional stability on the one hand and the economical prize on the other; whether people can create long terms life’s links and stable’s roots over time until we all get older looks like mandatory.

Unfortunately for coincidences and decisions of my way, I have spent most of my life traveling and finding great changes and challenges from places I ‘ve lived and started to think it ‘s too late to stop this and come back home again.

I have to continue my uncertain road ahead, trying to find all the opportunities available, and the beautiful things still to learn and know, yet to be discovered.

Does anyone think the same while traveling?


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Life has not put me on a travel yet.
Curious to know where you have been and found though.
standready on Wed Oct 25, 2017 4:39 pm
I was living in Colombia for 20 years from there I traveled to Venezuela, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, Brasil, then after I moved to Europe and lived in London, Paris, Hamburg, and Netherlands and traveled to Belgium, Hungary, Chek Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Dublin, Poland. Now I m living in Spain and also have been in Moroccos and Egypt in Africa. And now looking for a place to go again!
pipecort on Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:58 pm

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