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Fortune Quote "I may be synthetic..."

"I may be synthetic, but I'm not stupid"
-- the artificial person, from _Aliens_

Now the real question is would they be stupid? I guess this depends on whether you think computers can be smart or stupid. Perhaps, you think they can than I would conclude to you then that a synthetic being could be stupid or smart. However, if a computer can not be smart or stupid then to you I would say that a synthetic being can not be either, as well. Now to me it may just fall down to how real the synthetic being seemed, or how the "brain" functioned. Perhaps it just depends on whether the neurons and the brain were replicated in a synthetic form, but closely resembling and functioning like a natural one, in this case I would surely say that the being could be stupid or smart. Of course, I do not believe that anyone is really stupid, ignorant yes, stupid no.

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I think it depends on what type of synthetic organism we are discussing. If we wish to build synthetic organisms that mimic humans (and I'm not sure why we would wish to do that) then inevitably they would have to mimic human traits and that would, presumably, include ignorance/stupidity - otherwise they would not appear human methinks.

Ignorance is not knowing, stupidity is being proud of it.
Bikerman on Tue Aug 14, 2012 4:04 pm
I can perfectly understand where that sentiment comes from Bikerman. I would agree, but there are some, somewhere, out there that I am sure would disagree with me entirely. Stating that machines can not be smart or dumb irregardless and a man-made organism would be just a machine to them. I might disagree with it but I am sure there are some, somewhere, that would argue with me. Perhaps for just the sake of arguing but nonetheless argue.
pauline123 on Tue Aug 14, 2012 5:46 pm
There certainly are - including respected philosophers such as John Searle who invented the Chinese Room metaphor to explain why he thinks computers will never be intelligent.
When I was a student I once hitched a lift from a Professor (not sure what he professed) at Manchester University. We spent the whole trip arguing about this - he was firmly of the 'Searle' school. He was actually a bit put-out that this cheeky undergraduate was not only holding his own in debate but, I seem to remember, actually systematically destroying his arguments Smile
Bikerman on Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:08 pm
In my experience, with debates, that is usually how it ends up unless, somehow, you find a topic to debate that somehow cannot have its sides slowly, eroded from beneath during the debate. Where you would find one of those I am not sure. Question

Personally, I prefer to have others that will argue against what you believe or know because without them, you may never delve deeper into that topic. It also helps to make you think, and thinking is a good thing, even if you are a synthetic organism.
pauline123 on Wed Aug 15, 2012 1:44 pm

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