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Linux supports terrorism really?

"Linux was made by foreign terrorists to take money from true US companies
like Microsoft." - Some AOL'er.
"To this end we dedicate ourselves..." -Don
-- From the sig of "Don", ###@##.###.###

To this end of support for freedom Linux supports the means to the end, fairly and without outright war, on the entity of Microsoft. Of course, Linux may take money out of the hands of some US companies but the USA was founded on freedom and to that end Linux gives an option (one of many) that opposes that of Microsoft. If that makes Linux a terrorist activity then there are a heck of a lot of terrorists around.

However, I do not believe Linux supports terrorism. Now of course, FOSS software and even commercial software can be utilized by terrorists, this does not mean that the program itself is product derived for terrorists. Would you agree?

EDIT: This quote has been edited to remove the email address of Don.

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Linux is a terrorist - not! I think Linux is just good competition to keep others on their toes. That is what free enterprise is all about.
standready on Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:36 pm
Support for Linux -- in fact for free software in general -- is frequently much stronger in European countries than in the US. So it is understandable that some Americans, and some American companies in particular, would be uncomfortable with it.

Linking Linux with terrorism is errant nonsense. The term "competitor" would be appropriate, and sometimes business is a bit like war. Having the fortunes of the Linux community improve and the fortunes of Microsoft decline is good business for almost everyone in the long run, but of course it may come with a price tag of a few American jobs replaced by Europeans or citizens of third world countries.

Apparently Don does not wish to take responsibility for the "terrorist" claim, although I read his second statement as if he agreed with "some AOLer who wrote it.

PS. He may be somewhat unreasonable, but posting his email address on a public forum still seems a bit mean.
SonLight on Thu Aug 02, 2012 6:21 am
@SonLight. Yeah it might be but that was what was given in the fortune program and I try to give credit where it is due. However you may be right. I think I will go remove that.
pauline123 on Thu Aug 02, 2012 5:23 pm

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