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Funny errors of IE

The perils of web integration

This page contains anti-Microsoft content
The loading of the page has been stopped. Your attempt to access this page has been logged to

Insert quarter to browse the Internet.

This page can not be loaded
This page could not be loaded because the server is running a non-Microsoft operating system or web server. Please contact the server's administrator and have them upgrade to Microsoft Windows with Microsoft Internet Information Server.

MSHTTP Error - 770 Brain not found

No error occurred, but we detected that you have Netscape Navigator on your computer. It is just wasting hard drive space and it must be confusing having two different browsers that work differently, so you might want to take this opportunity to uninstall Netscape Navigator now.

Integration error
Microsoft's screwup is now in every application.

The Java applet you attempted to run is written in platform independent Java. Microsoft Internet Explorer can not run this type of java. Contact the server's administrator and have them re-write the applet to run only in Internet Explorer.

License error
You have violated the Internet Explorer license agreement. Bill Gates will be by later on this evening to collect your soul.

The page you attempted to access contained information that Microsoft has deemed inappropriate. Because the server is running MS IIS, the page has been deleted automatically. The police have been notified and will arrest the server's administrator shortly.

MSHTTP Error 666 - BiLl GaTeZ RuLeZ!

The page you are attempting to access requires a valid user ID, password, approval from your boss, your bosses boss, your mother, a copy of your drivers license, a copy of your birth certificate, approval from Bill Gates, and approval from the weird guy at your local hardware store.

Microsoft Internet Explorer has automatically scanned the installed components on your hard drive and has determined that you have not paid for the following Microsoft products: Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Microsoft Visual Studio 6, and Microsoft Office Professional. You have automatically been sentenced to 6 years in prison. You will be apprehended shortly. Have a nice day!

Virus detection error
A virus scanner is attempting to disable Internet Explorer because it thinks Internet Explorer is a virus. Please disable this scanner. Internet Explorer is not, I repeat is not a virus. Really, trust us... it isn't.

Microsoft Internet Explorer has detected a personality conflict between the Office Assistant and Microsoft BOB. Please use active update to update to the latest version of EGO32.DLL.

The MS IIS server you are trying to access is currently rebooting. This is normal behavior. Please stand by.

Corrupt system error
Although your system was working fine, there is a newer version of Windows available. Internet Explorer will now begin to sabotage your system so parts will not work right until you buy the Windows upgrade to "fix" these problems.

Please step away from your computer and do not touch it again until you have read the manual.

There is a newer version of Microsoft Internet Explorer available. You must download all 165 megs of it over your 14.4 modem now.

The page you attempted to access contains advertising for a product that is in competition with Microsoft. Since Microsoft makes the best products in the universe there is no point displaying this page. You might instead want to visit and download some of our free products and demos.

MSHTTP Error 123: Does your mother know you are looking at pages like this?
Well, she does now.

MSHTTP Error 1984: The site you attempted to access: does not exist.
It never did. Any rumors that it may have are lies.

The content of this page can not be displayed
It contains non-Microsoft specific HTML codes that Microsoft Internet Explorer does not and will not support. Please contact the servers administrator and have them re-write the page to Microsoft HTML specifications.

MSHTTP Error 007
This page will self destruct in 20 seconds.

MSHTTP Error 1900
Surprise! Our software wasn't really Y2K compliant like we claimed. For Y2K compatibility you must purchase an upgrade. Happy new year 00, and thank you for choosing Microsoft products.

You attempted to uninstall Internet Explorer. You may not do that. As punishment for this treachery, Internet Explorer will be restored and additional unwanted components will be added.

The font: BillsFavoriteFont.TTF could not be found. Re-install Windows and Internet Explorer and all of your other applications to fix this problem.

Out of disk space
Internet Explorer requires at least 100 terabytes of free hard disk space to accommodate cache, swap space, downloadable components, desktop advertising, and the local user tracking database. Please free up some more space and try again.

MSHTTP Error: eokd 4u44k kfm 238 xj
A serious error has occurred in Microsoft Internet Explorer, however because we have crushed all competition we no longer care and this problem will not be fixed. Thank you for making Microsoft the worlds only choice.

The page data could not be found in the cache. Would you like to use your credit card instead?

Warning: Microsoft Internet Explorer is no longer registered as the default browser. Because Internet Explorer is part of the operating system, Windows may not work properly. Do you want to restore Internet Explorer as your default web browser? [Yes] [Yes].

Active Update complete
While you were reading this page IE automatically updated your computer
KBytes added: 45,134,313
Bugs removed: 1954
Bugs added: 9172

3 blog comments below

haha really funnt Laughing
I'm glad it's just a joke and not real even if it has much in common with reality. Scary thoughts... It's always fun to make fun of microsoft.
Peterssidan on Sat Apr 19, 2008 1:07 am
Who makes up these emails?! They're absolutely hilarious.
jylan on Sun May 18, 2008 4:21 am
wow like this joke... Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
chic4u03 on Fri Sep 30, 2011 7:08 am

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