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What is what in Adsense

This post will explain some basic AdSense terms. Don't be afraid, they are not difficult!

CPC - Cost Per Click - That is how much money advertiser pays for one click on his ad. The more he “bids”, the more money AdSense publisher will earn. Please note that this may vary a lot. While some publishers claim that there were clicks worth of 30, or even 50$, it is most likely that you'll, at least at the beginning, have clicks worth less than 0.50$

EPC - Earn Per Click - Analogue to CPC, this means how much does publisher earn per click on his ad. The only difference between CPC and EPC is that CPC actually represents how much Google charges the advertiser, and the EPC is how much Google pays to the publisher.

Impressions - Well said. Impressions. That would equal on how many times has your ad been viewed by site visitors. The more impressions you have, the higher is the possibility that visitor will click on your ad.

eCPM - This stands for effective CPM. This is Google's estimate of your ad “worth”. Moreover, it measures approximate earnings per 1000 impressions of your ad. For example, if you earned (from clicks) 1.00$ and you had 100 impressions, it means that your eCPM will be 10.00$. This can also vary a lot.

CTR - Clickthrough Rate - is measured in per cent (”%”). It shows a kind of proportion between impressions and clicks on the ads. Example, I have 200 impressions and 1 click. That would mean that I have CTR of 0.5%. The optimal CTR is about 3-7%. If you have lower than that, you can find some great tips on increasing your CTR on this blog. Note that when your CTR crosses 10%, Google “Flags” your account.

Flagged Account - although not used officially by Google, flagged account means that your account is monitored more closely. In simple language, it means that Google has detected some rule-breaking and closely monitors your account to find a possible chance of fraud. Your account will be flagged if, e.g. you have CTR higher than 10%, or you have dozen of clicks from same IP address. This does not mean that Google will ban you, not at all. It just means that you drew their attention.

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