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Free Web Based Time Tracker & Logbook Free Web Based Time Tracker & Logbook
Keeping track of how long you spend doing certain tasks is important for almost everyone. For example, as an online worker I like to track how long I spend on a certain project. Others may like to see how long they spend blogging or the amount of time they spend partaking in a particular task. Whatever you’re timing, you should consider using Yast for the job. It’s a free online time tracking app currently in open Beta.

In its simplest form it works like a stopwatch. You press the ‘Play’ button to start tracking the time and then press ‘Stop’ when you’re finished. However it’s not that basic.

Yast also keeps a log of the time you track, organizing it into the specific days and weeks. There is a timeline spread across the top of the home screen which give a graphical illustration of the recorded time. Furthermore, the actual figures are kept in their specific project folder. When you create a project e.g. ‘Write a Book’ or ‘Work’, you select that project and keep track of the time you spend on it. You can also set the time tracking facilities to begin automatically at a certain time.

You can have as many projects as you like with each one given a different colour coding so you can tell them apart on the graphs.

Yast is a great online tool with an easy sign-up process and no hassle. Anyone who needs an accurate way of keeping track of their hours should use Yast.


* Online time tracking.
* Multiple Projects.
* View reports and easily share with others.
* Switch view between daily and weekly.
* Easy & quick to use.
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