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Combine Websites & Share As A Single Link

Nicesharing: Combine Websites & Share As A Single Link
NiceSharing is an online tool for joining and sharing webpages. The application lets you combine two separate web pages and then share them as a single URL. It also provides options which allow to customize the way webpages are presented (columns, rows, or hidden).

There are some cool ways to make use of the site apart from using it to combine websites. For example, you can easily add background music to any web page you want (including your albums on Picasa or Flickr) and than share them with someone. Check out how it’s done below:

1. Simply enter a webpage URL into “Website 1″ field.
2. Add your music links (YouTube, SWF file, MP3 file, etc) into “Website 2″ field.
3. Set “Website 2″ field to hidden.
4. Click on the “Create Link”.
5. Grab the link and share it.

* Combine two webpages and share via single URL.
* Customize how they presented: columns, rows, with or without scrollers.
* Option to keep one of the web pages hidden.
* Can be used to compare sites or adding background music to a web page.
* Free, no registration needed.

Check out NiceSharing @

2 blog comments below

Weird! I was looking for a way to do that sometime in the past, but I was hoping it would be part of the browser. Like as a plugin or extension. Interesting site. Thanks for sharing.
carlospro7 on Sat Oct 10, 2009 3:18 am
this is funtastic, but let me check it first.
imagefree on Tue Oct 27, 2009 5:12 am

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