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Roomorama: Marketplace For Short-Term Rentals

Roomorama is a marketplace for short-term apartment rentals. It’s win-win for both parties. For hosters it’s a way to monetize their unused spare rooms and for travelers it offera cheaper alternative to staying at a hotel for a couple of days. The service is free and protects renters and hosters through its own payment system, feedback and reputation scores. Sign up to get started.

How It Works:

1. Browse listings by city, stay period and number of guests or post a ShoutOut. The ShoutOut is a message that appears on the homepage where all the hosters can see it and contact you with offers. You don’t need an account to post ShoutOuts.
2. Pay online for the stay in the apartment. Receive a payment code.
3. Give the payment code to the hoster when you arrive to the spot before you check-in

You can filter listings by neighborhoods, max. daily price, room type and extra amenities. Click to view apartment pictures and read description, and inquire further details with a single click. Sign up required.


* Peer-to-peer short term apartment rentals.
* Rent your spare room to strangers risk-free through innovative online payment system.
* Instantly post “looking for room” messages online and get offers from hosters. (No account required).
* Service available in major metro areas including New York, Miami, Lost Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Toronto, San Francisco, Vancouver and Washington DC.
* Free, sign up to inquire about apartments or list your rooms.

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