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ef a tale of melodies

I expected this to be more cutesy than the unexpected melancholy of ef a tale of memories, but i was so wrong. This was actually so disturbing that i paused at one point and just stared at it for like 3 mins and thinking O_o is this ****** happening. They reused the insane mental breakdown scene too much so that wasn't that great. In the beginning i thought that the kuze and yuuko arc wasn't that great. But at the end it was really touching. AND SO GODDAMN DISTURBING. The mizuki arc i thought was great at the beginning but then about half way i was like WTF HAPPENED HERE. Kuze who i thought was one of those really great charater's went competely insane. The use of colour or rather lack of colour was insanely good and just like ef a tale of memories. I do have qualms do being australian and how ef chihiro and mizuki's arcs were in australia.

1. I looked at a map and the australian Otowa SHOULD be either in the northern territory or south australia. Because of the weather i think it's near adelaide somewhere.
2. Renji's school which you only see in one ep does not reflect the sight of a Aussie school. Australian school's don't have Career intrest forms?
3. Australia doesn't have a middle school. So when Renji says his a freshman in highschool it means his in year 7 but we all know his actually year 10.
4. That school doesn't have a summer uniform.?WTF.
5. At the start of the mizuki arc she says shes on SUMMER VACATION but but it's winter at that point in the japanese Otowa.
6. In tale of melodies Renji says he has test preperations. A tale of melodies is about 4 months after tale of memories no exact time is given. So if it was a school running the jap year then yes he should have tests. BUT if it is Australia then he would on have half yearly tests and people don't care about there half yearly test.

I know that it is only a fictional story and all and ppl are gonna flame at me but srsly it kinda spoiled it for me or just made me more confused.

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