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Ef-A Tale of Memories

OMFG, one of possibly the best anime i've watched yet. The Renji story was a masterpiece I thought it was awesome. The girl all alone in the world sounded like Clannad, though but it deviated from it. Also it was really clever with the ep titles more animes should do that. I was caught up at the beginning when Renji started talking about wanting to be a knight but it'd prolly be too late to such a thing, when he went to the train station i knew at once it was gonna be an awesome anime cos the trainstation becomes one of the major symbols later on. And then the thing he said "The was...a chance meeting of 45 seconds" just totally got me into it and then it came back into a circle in the end with the ending being him writing his story. Which is dumb because this anime tells 3 parallel stories. I thought that the first story about Hirono while being cute and all, kind sterotypical, the outstanding part for me and for prolly everyone else that has watched it was the second half of ep 7 when they just showed you the breakdown of a mind, and the stages it breaks down, that was like 0_o, i was like omfg this so so fing epic. Also the shots when there's just a black screen with words that are ambiguous so goddamn legendary. I loved those parts. The Tsutsumi arc actually had potential but they really cut it up, i think it was because they didn't want it in the Tale of Melodies which I'm gonna start tonight. So very epic anime, i got the VN but there's no english patch, why are all the good VN's 18+ , and i don't have a ps2. oooh well.

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lől Ef ~A Tale of Memories~ is Amazing. One of the best I've ever seen!
aoisubs on Tue Jul 12, 2011 11:38 pm

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