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Social Phobia

Before anything else, I must reinforce the fact that, in contemporary culture, people are addicted to alsorts. Over-eating and sex are both, vital bodily functions that have not caused problems historically. Overindulgence at a Roman orgy followed by a trip to the vomitoriam being a notable exception. Addictions, among the young, to video gaming, the internet and mobile phones are definitely new and superficially less easy to comprehend.

It is the vulnerable, in society, that get addicted, often due to a poor self-image and negative outlook to life., Unfortunately, such traits, along with high levels of depression and anxiety are just some of the consequences of addiction. Many, like myself, develop an even higher degree of and isolation than that which we first realised.

Although not all, most addicts have their own sub-culture and rarely interact with society generally.Their lives are governed by different rules. Recovering addicts no longer feel a part of any social group which is a very scary place to be. For a while, atleast, they may feel even more isolated and dysfunctional than before which can lead to relapse. They must search out new friends and acquaintances or slip back into the relative comfort of their addiction.

For most the attainment of psychological perfection is a very long way off and addictions can be manageable. As addictive behavior can be attributed to so many, otherwise perfectly innocent pastimes, we can see that it only becomes a problem if it is also dangerous and destructive. Functioning addicts are aware of their problem, make themselves comfortable and contribute to society.

Addiction is a social phenomenon that effects every sector. Addicts should not bealienation made to feel anymore alienated than we all already do.

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