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10 things i loe about CHRISTMASS!!! :-@

I LOOOOOOVE!!! Laughing


1) the food.... im one thats goes to other homes just for a third... sorry fifth tummy full.

2) the love!!! its all around and everywhere and its as think as jollow!!! just open your heart and get ready to give in to the silly we all hide deep inside.... dont need drugs or wine just love arount and inside.

3) the shopping... i like to power to walk around with money in my pocket and practice building to self control to not buy any thing but just enjoy to feel of seeing the stuff i like but don't need knowing i can get it but don't need it then i give something away before i leave the town which is the icing on a delicious the cake!!! TRY IT!!!.

4) the knowing that the master Christ is the reason for it all and the bringer of the light... mainly the light of light that shatters all illusion through the heart of pure love(there is light of darkness --> he who is sure he is doing the right thing though to others it seems wrong but to this being there is only the light of his eyes --> delusion).

5) the family.... is there greater love than to be accepted as you are, good or bad, right or wrong, pretty or not lol

6) each Christmas that passes brings us closer to the period of transcendence, Christ like awareness, he shall return but we will all know him for all knee shall bow and all tongues shall tell for in an instant we shall all be changed and he that is of light shall be light and he that is not shall find his path his way.

7) the music... just listen.... you hear that?.... no, not the birds... yes the carols being sung.

Cool the chance to not go to work or worry about anything but just do or go where i will.

9) the chance to enjoy my fav. online game (conquer online 2.0) i love it!!! i went to college just to learn programming so i could better understand it... isn't technology fun!!! when science and spirit accept each other without religious or egotistic biases then evolution can shoot forward into the blissful eternity and we will take our place in the galactic community.

10) the intimacy.... love comes in many forms and the heart, soul, mind, body connection to another is one of the most powerful and amazing expressions and can open gates to bliss of heart and mind one has never dreamt... it requires the removal of the selfish grip we place of it(i, me, mine, you, yours, they, them, yours, theirs, ours... try saying we, us) --> take a chance... what do we have to lose... give in to the heart of a child within us all.

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