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End Of the world --> 2012 (NewAge)

Ask me anything... ill tell you what i know, believe, feel and gain through meditation(nothing super)

I been folowing a strong spiritual urge and connection from early teen and experienced many things and still feel like only a baby in the craddle of destiny and a spur in the gust of eternity.

Things i have learned or come to understand:

Spirit and matter is one, just of different frequencies.
As we are we are spiritual beings, projecting matter from a higher state(trapped in the illusions --> meditation absorbs consciousness to awaken the sleeping master within all of us)

Spirit is nothing to fear but the fear( the things in your heart ).
go looking for trouble on any level of your being, consciously of unconsciously and loo ye shall find thus, often times its from past lives or agreements we made just before incarnation to help the soul progress and often times involve some degress of physical suffering( is seen as such if the incarnating personality cannot gain the insight or reasoning for his or her misfortune, acceptance and content is usually the only other escape, fighting against the lessons being tought usually result in rebelion see in those who have chosen to be aware as a allen or rejected entity )

i also have lessons to learn on the differecnce between the need to be accepted or to ignore it to enjoy th content of spiritual life(cannot escape 3D rules lol Crying or Very sad )

No one knows anything about life beyond 2012!!!
everything changes on on level or another(even if we do not see the changes gradually we will feel them with time and then they will manifest but there is also a possibility that matter may need some readjustment for the changes to happen and thus troubled times... note that "we are spirits existing on many frequencies simultainiously and the if one of them should be removed then the others must continue on and the most likely on to stop is the lewest of all... the physical... but there is no real 'death', thus the masters say it is an illusion but none ever stop to explain why that is said... keeping the 'i know what i mean' vibe lol Laughing ")
here is a look at what most people become after death(clinging to the 3D):

(What are ORBS? --> balls of consciousness or energy or both Laughing )

Who am i? Embarassed
Just another seeker as you... following the ancient beaten path of "Truth" --> not always what i want it to be but is everywhere, i only need to let go of my beliefs and limiting/ed understanding and perception. "Light" --> illumination is the key, knowledge is useless if it does not make us better, stronger, pure, clean and above all else it should bring us to the next level of evolution... higher more aware and fully able beings.... thats what 2012 is all about thus these days will see vast increase in wisdom and abilities. "LOVE" --> i have proven it to be more than just an motion or reaction or reflex or condodtioning of hypnosis, it is an unknown, unknowable, limitless power Confused on earth we exprience only 1% of what love really is and what it can be and i mean 1% to those who have been to the point of complete soffusion... 2% of love produces a Christ-like state, thus the master said "Love God with all thy heart and Love thy brother as thy-self", h made love the new commandment knowing the truth of it.... on earth we take love for granted like kids playing with a gallon of gas and a lit match... catch the true fire of love and it will consume you without regrets.

Arrow I am not gifted or anything, i have had weird experiences such as waking up rom a dream of light to find my body 2" off the bed - im still seeking an explenation Shocked.

Arrow I have been able to meditate into the heart chakra and gather wonderful insight(thats where i learned teachings the i could not gain from a physical master --> there is only feeling but somehow it is translated into images and an understanding of the messege contained in the feeling --> empathic i guess Confused )

Arrow It is possible to see tiny particles moving all around in the air(in normal sight i cannot see it but thanks to meditation there is a subtle shift that gives me short glimps of them --> i have not been keeping with mditation for many reasons, honesty is good for the soul Laughing Laughing 3D issues Embarassed ) one excuse in that college has me under pressure lol Rolling Eyes

Arrow Grand and small Circulation maditation is very powerful and should be done but not rushed as it can dramatically send a rush of energy up(i was not expecting it but it was gradual --> anyone with more info please PM me)

Arrow I view myself a spiritual scientist(seek to understand the ways and being of spirit and its relation to manifestation in hopes of using my understanding to take myself to the next level of evolution --> knowing that spirit and matter must evolve together for both are simply percived poles but are really one, complimenting each onther)

Please offer questions that you seek explenations for and i will give my understanding to help you understand so we both grow and gather light, i promis nothing only what i have learned for i am no master or guru just a human.

being human is a beautiflul thing! trust me on that!

[color=indigo][i][b]Questions please[/b][/i][/color]? :?:

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