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Skip Depression

Do you ever feel a wee bit depressed? Ho Hum, maybe? What you need is a good laugh and to get out in the sunshine for awhile if you can. If sunshine is not in your horizon--you can still do this if you are physically able--Skip. It will make you laugh; I promise.

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In high school i study at a government-sponsored school with a special science curriculum. There are times there when we really get a lot of requirements and tests all piled up on a single day, with exams and projects due on the next. Especially the week before the finals, which we call hell week.

So one time during hell week everyone was so tired and sleepy that suddenly we all began to laugh REALLY HARD. There's no reason, really. Someone just started laughing out of the blue and the others laughed because of the way he laughed. When everyone was laughing, we laughed even more. Smile

It's one of the best feelings I had ever felt. Sad I guess our bodies know when they really need to take a break and laugh everything off, and it just makes everything funny Very Happy

aww i miss those times Sad
lightwate on Thu Jun 10, 2010 4:46 pm
The Stress/Laugh effect also happened to me at work after a newspaper classified ad deadline. I will never forget it and still smile to remember.

Working newspaper deadline, everyone is on high adrenaline and deeply focused. shuts off on the minute. Done. Over.

One day, I looked at my deskmate after deadline and started laughing. She smirked as if a little confused and then started laughing too. We did not laugh daintily--it was a gut holding LOUD laughter. Then the deskmate to the Right of me looked across the path gave me that smirk, and then joined in. Yep--None of us knew why we were laughing either.

I think our Boss was relieved a customer did not happen in at that time.

Thanks for sharing. Spontaneous Group Laughter would be an interesting phenomenon to study.
msphoto on Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:18 pm

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