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Beerwin PlainHTML

PlainHTML is not only for HTML; it is also equipped to handle other scripting languages for the web. It comes integrated with Tidy for HTML validation and has a scripting toolbar designed to make common codes with the click of the mouse. It has syntax highlighting for tired coders’ eyes, line numbering, line-edit highlighting, special characters’ tool and a code snippets’ window that is packed with ready made snippets necessary for creating webpages that can pass the validation test at the W3C

For the HTML coder, PlainHTML has wizards for forms, tables and frames; for the newbie it also has help reference materials for HTML 4.0, CGI and PHP. It has two color tools: a palette for inserting codes for particular colors, and a color picker.

PlainHTML has its own preview browser and a mini-browser that one can use for surfing the web. One of the features of PlainHTML that caught my attention is its ability to “see” a file in localhost. This is important when one is working with PHP scripts.

PlainHTML may not have an explorer view. But it does have a File Viewer which can “read” text files (*.txt, *.rtf and *.csv) and JPG images (it cannot read GIF nor PNG).

Beerwin’s PlainHTML also comes with a set of templates that one can readily use for a website. In fact, it was a search for free templates that led me to Beerwin’s World of Stuff some time ago bringing me into contact with PlainHTML and MultiNote, (this is Beerwin’s Notepad replacement which is also bundled with PlainHTML). While there are still features that I miss in this editor — I would give it a rating of 4/5 — I think it is safe to recommend it to both newbies and experienced coders. It is feature-packed and is easy to use. And, for newbies especially, it can “teach” one how to code in HTML 4.0.

PlainHTML is available at Beerwin's World

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