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LOST: More than about getting lost

I thought it was just about getting lost. Now it seems that there is more to the TV series "LOST" than just an exciting TV ride. The "more" is suggested by the TimeLoopTheory website which is dedicated to exploring the theory as applied in the story of Oceanic 815 survivors stranded on a mysterious island in the Pacific.

The author of TimeLoopTheory writes this about LOST:

LOST is about fate vs. free will. If something has happened in the past, is there any way that going back in time can create a new scenario where there will be a different series of events? So far, in LOST, no one has successfully been able to re-write the future. Now that Locke has taken the island back in time, even he has failed to create a perfect world on the island, much like Ben's time loop failed. For some reason, Locke believes that bringing Jack and everyone back in time and to the island will allow them to use "free will" to build a new, perfect world on the island - where it is free from the rules of fate, and from the outside world.

If this is the case, then the story of LOST explores a question that has boggled philosophers for a long time. The question arises because of the premise that there is something called "fate". For the Greeks, it was the principle that defined who a human being is on the basis of his stars. I don't know what the concept of "fate" is in LOST, but the insinuations of the author of TimeLoopTheory make it a personal force with the ability of correcting timelines where this is skewed. He makes fate into some sort of a god that sends the smoke monster to do the correcting.

The theory is interesting as far as LOST is concerned. When we compare other movies where fate vs. freewill is explored, as in "Arthur" or the Heath Ledger starrer "Knight's Tale" and even "Back to the Future III", the timelooptheory in LOST appears like an old disgruntled man's look at human freedom.

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Nice thought...

And Time Loop Theory just Rock. Not because i Agree with it, but the amount of thinking and work went to it Surprised
WOW... That is what i call addiction Smile

However, Being a Buddhist and a optimist, I always believe that we can change our Future. At least for some extent.
Rajiev on Tue Oct 07, 2008 5:47 am

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