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Supernatural at AXN-Beyond

Sam and Dean are back on AXN-Beyond, but it seems to be a rerun of last season, not a new one. The demons released from the Demon Gate have invaded the United States and the Winchester brothers will be hunting them down. The main plot however will be how big brother Winchester (Dean) will be coping with the deal he made with the Crossroads devil so that Sam can live. He only has one year to live and Sam will also be thinking of ways to save his brother. During this season too, the demons will be revealing a bit of who Sam is. Some will be calling him "the Prince" although Sam will be doing his best not to become the main cog in the Devil's takeover plans. There will be interesting new characters in this season: one is Sam's guardian demon and the other is a thief, whose name I forget. She actually would be causing a lot of problems for the brothers.

I wonder what the next season is like? I've just been to the Supernatural website and found out that one of the episodes, entitled "Lazarus Rising" will be about Dean coming back from Hell. It seems that only three episodes have been shown so far and one of these is an episode -- aptly entitled "In the Beginning" -- about Dean going back in time and being with his father and mother before these had children. That is intriguing and somehow gives me a warning that this new season may just have a "happily ever after ending." Not that I don't like happy endings. On the contrary, I am a sucker for stories like Disney's "Lion King". But with the way Supernatural has been going, a happy ending brought about by changes made in the past, is to my mind a "deus ex machina" which can have corny effects.

If you are a Supernatural fan, what is it that you like about the series?

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