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LOST: The Survivors

Here are the characters from LOST who got off from the island. There were six of them: Kate, Jack, Sayid, Hurley, Sun and the baby who ended up in Kate's custody. We know that in the last few episodes of the series, Jack will be wanting to return to the island (he'd take random flights and hope that the plane would crash onto the island), Kate would also want to be go back but Aaron's mother came to her to tell her not to bring back her son the island. Sayid lost his wife because of an assassin's gun and begins to work with Ben who has initiated moves to get back at Whitmore by killing this latter's daughter whom we know is the one who rescued the six plus Desmond while stranded at sea. Hurley went crazy after being restored to his home. The ghost of the rock star came to him convincing him to come back. Jack would have a problem with this especially when Ben informs him that he and the others including Hurley should go back to the island to correct the bad things that has been happening since they left the island (including the death of Locke). Finally, Sun who saw the boat and Jin explode, gave birth to her own baby and bought her father's company and begins to do business with Whitmore. In all these, Desmond -- the one responsible ultimately for making the plane crash when he allowed the island's magnetic force to be released -- seems to be happy restored to the love of his life, Penelope, the daughter of Whitmore who is the one who started the war in the island.

How would you characterize the above characters? (Do you like them, hate them...?) Which episodes do you remember that best brings out the uniqueness of these characters? Which characters from LOST outside of these characters would you have wished to get out of the island and why?

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