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Your Daily Inspiration Is Up and Ready

Your Daily Inspiration is intended for myself to be an exercise in biblical-text-association. By allowing a bible text given in the liturgy to interact with my memory of other liturgies attended and of other bible passages studied, I try to see how it resonates with the passages I know and with the passages that have begun to make sense in my life. It is my hypothesis that the interaction would confirm previous knowledge and create a ready store of "bible-links" in my memory that would help me understand other passages. It would also give me a more robust store of scriptural knowledge that would help me explain the Scriptures as part of the ministry entrusted to me.

The website runs on Wordpress clothed in a skin by MJ Hutagalung. It runs with several plugins, the most important of which is the Catholic Reference Extension plugin made by PurePistos. The plugin creates tooltip links to any Scripture or Catechism reference I make in a post; when one runs the mouse over these links, a box with the text of the Bible or Catechism appears. This way, I don't really have to copy chunks of Scriptures in my site; a verse reference is enough.

At the moment Your Daily Inspiration has two videos and a few posts about the daily liturgical readings beginning September 17. One of the videos is a big hit at GodTube and shows how far a father goes to help his disabled son go across the finish line. It is a nice video with powerful images and with a background song with a powerful message.. The other video is the first of a three part video starring Scott Hahn and a book Answering The New Atheism. The message in this first video is that the new atheism as proposed by people like Dawkins has a popular approach that heckles at believers and does not really give a justification for atheism on rational grounds. Mention here was made of Anthony Flew who was the 20th century's English spokesman of atheism before he became a theist.

Visit Your Daily Inspiration. Who knows you might find something that would interest you. Smile

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