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I am currently keeping tabs on two freeware Note-taking applications. One is Mtirnanic´s Total Text Container and the other is Matt Rasmussen´s KeepNote (formerly known as TakeNote). Right now, I like how Total Text Container is developing. KeepNote is still quite ¨young¨ and still has a lot of room for improvement.

Here are the features I like ...

1. Support for images; one can also edit images directly through the application.
2. Customize icons of the default tree
3. WYSIWYG editor (it is not just RTF; one can read notes through a browser). This makes the creation of webpages easy.

4. Hyperlinks that one creates in the pages are clickable.
5. It has its own screenshot application.
6. It tells you when a note was created, by date and time.
7. It looks like MS Outlook.
8. The database structure makes use of *.xml

How I use it...

1. I use it for typing the notes I have written in my low-tech notebook for printing later.
2. It is also good for composing articles using index-card-like data files that one can then bring together into one article. This article was composed using this method.
3. Since it is also like a file Organizer, one can use it as a catalogue for text, links and graphics that are newly created from other applications. Current development does not yet allow the importing of files into the tree hierarchy though. But KeepNote is at this stage already better than a commercial note-taking tool like ScratchPad or NoteLens.

Plus and Minus

I have three things I have against the present version of KeepNote. It doesn´t have a (a) print function and one cannot (b) export and (c)import files with it. Otherwise it could have been one of the best freeware text outliners available on the web. On the plus side, it has many features that really make it a very useful note organizer. So out of a possible 10, I am giving it a 6.

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There is a new version available if you are interested. Just go here.
mgeek on Fri Jul 24, 2009 5:33 pm

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