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Warning: Alcohol!

I really should've handled myself better at a friend's housewarming party on Friday night. I'm not disappointed that I made a fool of myself at the party. But I am disappointed that between the beers I drank and the food I ate as a result of beer-munchies totaled, in retrospect, to over 2,000 additional calories above and beyond my daily needs. These calories, in my opinion, are the real dangers with beer.

Basically, the effort and willpower I spent during the week to lose a few pounds was all negated by a single night of reckless drinking and drinking-induced eating.

Next time I attend a similar event (perhaps a Belgian beer festival in November), I will try to ensure that each ounce of beer I consume in a serving is chased by an ounce of water before I start my next beer. Hopefully this will allow me to better control my eating and pace my drinking.

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wow, i bet you're a real hit at the parties

"do you know how many calories are in your WKD ma'am?"

lol, live the night as it comes, and i really dont thnk you would even notice 2000 extra calories in one day as a one off kinda thing.
Nemesis234 on Sun Oct 03, 2010 8:12 pm
Thanks for the reminder. I definitely avoid blabbing about the cons of drinking alcohol while I'm at the party. But the sad thing for many full-time working folk with even more life commitments is that it's very difficult to find time to exercise and maintain a healthy weight. So, while 5 pounds may have been easy for me to shed in college, it's a much more challenging burden for me now.

But I did have a good time at the party (hopefully not to the displeasure of others). Very Happy
mexiwithacan on Mon Oct 04, 2010 2:25 pm
I wouldn't worry, if it's just the odd party at the weekend those calories shouldn't harm too much.
If I were drinking enough alcohol to be concerned with the calories, I'd be more worried about a potental dependency issue going on instead. Alcohol should just be a treat when the occassion allows it, and preferably with friends sharing the laughs.

As far as the making a fool of yourself, relax, everyone takes their turn doing that once in a while, it just adds to the funny stories of a party - with everyone else glad it wasn't them who did whatever embarrassing thing we people do when drunk! Laughing
watersoul on Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:53 pm

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