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Starting the Year on the Wrong Appetite

So, before I turned 25, I told my friends that starting on my next birthday I would keep a journal for a year on my attempts to control my compulsive eating and to maintain a healthy diet. After I turned 25, I proved to myself in the first week that there will be plenty to write about in the coming year.

I'm actually late in starting the journal, which in itself is a failure in self-discipline. But this is of secondary importance when compared to the fact that I have made no progress with controlling my urges to eat when there's really no good reason to eat.

Take this past Sunday for example. My wife and I went out to lunch with a group of friends, and we chose to visit a dim sum joint. The great thing about dim sum is that you can order small portions of many different foods to get a nice variety in your meal while not pigging out. The terrible result of the outing was that we ordered 4 plates too many, most of which ended up in my stomach.

So, during lunch, I think my thought process went something like this:
  1. I should stop eating.
  2. I really should stop eating.
  3. Why am I still eating?
  4. Okay, I'll stop, but there're just a few more bites left on the table.
  5. ... I just finished eating twice what I actually needed.

Where is this breakdown in communication between mind and body? Obviously some part of my brain is sending out a signal saying "enough, already!" But why isn't that signal making its way to my mouth and hands?

This is truly a great mystery that, hopefully, I can solve by streaming my consciousness into these blog posts and then analyzing the results.

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