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Server Problems

Ok, so on Thursday, the day started out pretty ok, not too much of cases at work, and the boss wasn't yet in the office as yet, and I have to meet with one auditor and give him a brief outline of our servers layout and architecture. That shouldn't be too difficult.
Then 15 minutes later, I get a call that one of the email servers is not working, in which we have about 4 customers on.
This server is a linux server, using qmail email Mail transport agent, so I log into the server, and see, that it is ok, but giving some errors in the mail log. The disk space seems to be ok, so I restart the virtual machine it is on, but I dont see it coming back on.
So I log on to the main server running centos, but it gives me an error that I'm not authrorised,. Shocked

Now I have to go to where the server is located, and its far away,a nd I dont have a car, so I ask my colleage who usually goes to that datacenter to take me there, and after he finished his work, we went there.
Now, I'm not a linux expert, so I was googling the error messages on one screen, which were mainly about checking the disk (and it was hanging on that screen), and after booting it without the disk checking feature, it started giving i/o error.

I changed some things in the BIOS, and then it would not boot up even, and it would not even go to the BIOS again. Shocked Shocked Shocked

Then I thought it could be a hardware issue, so I changed the SCSI controller riser board, and booted it, and after changing the scsi settings, the server booted, and it was such a relief. Went home happy and weekend ready. Laughing

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It must have been a long day! Very Happy Very Happy
andro_king on Sun Aug 12, 2012 2:42 pm

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