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While I was away...

I wanted to work on a couple of things while away, including but not limited to FriMs and Blaster's (still classified?) script. My mum took her laptop with her and I'd already installed all my apps on beforehand (ages ago [php4 for example]), all I was missing was the content. Not wanting to give my password out to anyone, I asked my friend to send my 'backup' DVDs to me so I could extract what I needed from them. When they arrived, one was missing from the torn packet and one was corrupted, the other had stuff I didn't need on it. I then decided to ask my fiend to login and take what I needed and send it to me on another DVD (with a different courier!). Somehow he managed to 'break' my computer though and I couldn't diagnose on the phone so I told him to send it to me but with specific instructions. Needless to say he didn't follow them quite enough. When it arrived the CPU HSF had fallen off (Remarkably not breaking the motherboard or processor though. Looks like a screw fell out.) onto the graphics card which is now bent (though it still works but the heatsink doesn't fit on flat any more so it gets hot quite quickly. So I asked him to order a new HSF for me which arrived and then I fitted. When I turned it all on, it seemed the problem was with Windows and/or the HDD. Not having any tools other than a screwdriver from a Swiss knife like item (but cheaper, smaller and with less features), I gave up and decided to wait until I got home. When I got home I still couldn't do anything about it so have it in the post now going to a friend who is a self-exclaimed expert data recoverer (a title soon to be tested).
So yeah, I'm using a small, slow and extremely noisy laptop until then. That's life though I guess....

On the positive side, I got to visit Scotland. Where the positive is there I don't know but surely it's got to be there somewhere!

Coming home was positive. Whilst Wales is cold and wet, Scotland was very cold and either dry, wet or icy (the dangerously slippy icy!).

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We thought you were ill /dead Matt - You could've said something Surprised
Anyway, sounds like you're in a bit of a pickle atm, see you later on IRC / msn perhaps Wink
Manofgames on Sat Dec 29, 2007 6:31 pm
Well, I can honestly say I am glad you are back, especially after your "ordeal" Smile

Welcome back, hope you get your screws in place soon! Very Happy
tidruG on Sun Dec 30, 2007 9:56 pm
Holy hell man, we thought you were cooked by the wrong guys, seriously Shocked

Anyways, glad you're back! Good luck with fixing the computer Very Happy
Helios on Mon Dec 31, 2007 7:16 pm

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